Long Way Home

The title is in reference to “Take the Long Way Home” by Supertramp. This song is part of the classic album “Breakfast in America“. There is something incredibly nostalgic about this song. It has all of these images coming forward based on the words. It sounds very autobiographical based on touring with the band.

Breakfast in America cover

I’ve been completely nostalgic about the old days at Citrix going on with fifty some odd posts about Citrix history. There is one thing that you must realize about being nostalgic. There is no way “home”. Those idealized places and times simply do not exist anymore. It is far better to focus on living in the present and realize that the current moment is really all you really have.

If home is now that home is also very near. I’m rambling a bit but it is very difficult to fully believe this is true. The more you focus on what is currently happening the more likely you will give it your full attention and your best actions. I could say that I’ve read a few books about this (which is true) but if you think about, it really is just common sense. If you are thinking solely from the point of reference of what you did yesterday or what you are going to do tomorrow, you are most likely missing what is happening today. If you work at this enough, it is possible to fully live in the moment AND be able to handle any situation as if you were a natural.

A fictional example I will give is based on the character Neo towards the end of the first Matrix film. When Agent Smith killed Neo, Neo was transformed. Not only did he come back to life, but he also knew instantly, without caring, how to handle Agent Smith and dispatch him. His actions speak of living in the moment and being able to exist beyond the realm of knowledge alone.

Alright, I sense I’ve lost some people there. I’m not really trying to confuse you. I’m just trying to explain things from a slightly different perspective.

If you are connected to the moment and all things around you, you can actually comprehend and participate in ways that go far beyond what humans usually experience. It is almost like a transcendence of individual life to feel the harmony of many lives living in a unified experience. That, by the way, is the conclusion of most people that have seen this perspective. It is hard to see things as not being connected.

If you consider something to be truly separated from yourself than most likely you don’t see the connections. If you do not see the connections you will not realize that actions will affect these connections. If these actions are negative or otherwise uninspired, most likely the division and separation will grow. As a result of this splitting and growing distance, the mind will further see proof of separation. The cycle will continue.

If, however, you see things as connected and working together, your thoughts will bring things together. Things will get easier and thoughts will become more common. You will see things more clearly and you will be able to see things from many different perspectives. This ultimately will result in a kind of critical mass that would be similar to an implosion. Not physically but more mentally.

If you got this far, you must have a fairly open mind :). I know it really isn’t the place for a research engineer to ponder such matters… or at least not yet. Thanks for being so understanding and allow me these thoughts.



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