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Business Evolution

A business is built by a group of workers. People work for companies to earn money so they can live and thrive. Workers sacrifice their time in order to gain freedom. If working is only done for money, it can

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What is Innovation?

This link explains what experts think about the meaning of innovation: The greatly simplified answer is that innovation is change. Another way of looking at it is that it is business evolution.

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Future Simulation

While driving to get a haircut (a couple of years ago), I was thinking about random things and somehow thought about the idea that everyone is living in a simulation. This has been proposed by Elon Musk and others. The

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Quora Question about Innovation

Recently answered a question about why Google has trouble with innovation in major products. Why do large companies like Google produce less innovation despite having a lot of smart and educated people?

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I worked for a large software company for twenty years. In that time, I saw the difference between a small company and it growing into a massive enterprise. It was a great ride and I gained many insights into what

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No Power

This was originally written during the big storm we experienced at the end of March 2017. Finally decided to post it here.  There is no power in the house. The only remnants of electricity are in devices based on batteries

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Reality Check

In our pursuit of happiness, it is difficult to find a path to live by. Usually the happiness seems to be somewhere on the horizon. The idea is that we are currently not happy and obviously must be doing something

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Knowing Better

When do you know better? The implication is that it only happens after the event is over. Perhaps you are lucky enough to remember from a previous time. Do you remember the last time you wished you knew better? Age

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Science Fiction Threats

It is hard to remember seeing my first science fiction show. It could have been Star Trek from the 60s. Regardless, I really enjoyed watching all the possible aspects of the future being brought to TV. The amount of imagination

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CitrixBlogger renamed to has been renamed to The main purpose of is to keep the blog posts alive in a new location. The old name redirects¬†to the new name. There will be some new content soon.  

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