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No Power

This was originally written during the big storm we experienced at the end of March 2017. Finally decided to post it here.  There is no power in the house. The only remnants of electricity are in devices based on batteries

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Reality Check

In our pursuit of happiness, it is difficult to find a path to live by. Usually the happiness seems to be somewhere on the horizon. The idea is that we are currently not happy and obviously must be doing something

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Citrix Notification Area Abuse (PNAgent)

Recently I was asked a question “How do I turn off PNAgent from the systray?”.  The first reaction is why would you want to do that.  The answer is that you often either do not want to confuse the user

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Cursor Blinking

There is a feature in operating systems that most of us take for granted.  This is the simple text cursor.   There is a bit of confusion within Windows whether it is called a caret or a cursor (based on the

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Cursor Shadowing (Turn It Off)

There has been one thing I have been reminded of this last week about mouse cursors.  They can be incredibly sluggish when dealing with remote sessions.  During PortICA development we saw this nature and initially were a bit confused about

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