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Windows XP and June 30 2008

Based on a previous post about Microsoft, it was mentioned in a comment that Microsoft was going to discontinue selling Windows XP on June 30, 2008.  There was news before related to Microsoft postponing the end of sales date for

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Cursor Blinking

There is a feature in operating systems that most of us take for granted.  This is the simple text cursor.   There is a bit of confusion within Windows whether it is called a caret or a cursor (based on the

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Cursor Shadowing (Turn It Off)

There has been one thing I have been reminded of this last week about mouse cursors.  They can be incredibly sluggish when dealing with remote sessions.  During PortICA development we saw this nature and initially were a bit confused about

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HyperTerminal Goes Hyper

I recently had the pleasure of debugging HyperTerminal on PortICA.  It is going to take some time to put together the story of how things turned out but I wanted to start by saying something obvious. If you are going

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