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Legacy Entrapment

Where does it all begin?  When does a pattern emerge?  How do we decide that one thing is better than another?  Why do we make the choices we do? Obviously we can blame our parents first.  That which we know

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Microsoft Build Macros

I hit this same problem every time I start a Visual Studio project.  Well, not every time, but it is a common occurrence. When there are multiple projects involved, it is sometimes necessary to point to different directories.  It is

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Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration (IE ESC)

If you ever have to install a Windows server (2008, 2008 R2) and try to use Internet Explorer, you might notice how annoying IE is related to being secure.  Essentially you have to fight it do anything useful.  At one

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Windows Virtual Memory Explained

Mark Russinovich certainly knows his stuff.  He has posted a blog from late last year about “Pushing the Limits of Windows: Virtual Memory“.  Again, I was searching for stuff related to pagefiles and found this highly technical information about how

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Blocks Versus Files

This topic presents an interesting problem.  A disk is made up of sectors which are arranged as clusters by the file system.  Both NTFS and FAT use a cluster model to clump together sectors into bigger chunks.  The cluster model

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Windows Disk Management

It can be frustrating when the right information is not available.  In Windows there are tools designed to help determining disk configuration but for whatever reason, they are fairly hidden.  Perhaps this is intentional to protect the system from the

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Easy Sysinternals Tools

This is a tip for those of you that have to figure out what is not working on a given system.  It has been known for a number of years that Sysinternal tools are the best at determining problems.  A

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Vista Snipping Tool

Sometimes tools that come with the operating system pleasantly surprise you.  Vista comes with a tool called the “Snipping Tool”.  It basically makes the PrintScrn key obsolete in Windows.  Typically people will use the PrintScrn key to capture the screen

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Bill Gates – Looking Back, Moving Ahead

  Just today I was looking for some Microsoft videos related to MMS 2008 when I located some video gems about Bill Gates and his history at Microsoft.  The Microsoft web site is providing a collection of videos for use

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Virtual Hard Disk Specification

The Virtual Hard Disk Image Format Specification (VHD Spec) has been available from Microsoft since October 2006.  You can bypass registration and download straight from here. The document is only seventeen pages long but manages to capture how it is

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