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Blocks Versus Files

This topic presents an interesting problem.  A disk is made up of sectors which are arranged as clusters by the file system.  Both NTFS and FAT use a cluster model to clump together sectors into bigger chunks.  The cluster model

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The Mirror

There is a topic I’ve been meaning to cover for months now but just haven’t tackled it. It is more research based and certainly isn’t Citrix related (yet) but it so interesting that I had to write about it. Earlier

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When Choice Goes Bad

Years and years ago, I came to the conclusion that good software should only provide a few (3 – 5) choices of action at any given time. This was based on text menu systems before even the era of Windows

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Learning Common Sense

I’ve always been interested in the MIT Media Lab and also artificial intelligence since university. I’ve read a few books about projects there and have read some information about the Media Lab on the web. The projects are always interesting

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