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Future Simulation

While driving to get a haircut (a couple of years ago), I was thinking about random things and somehow thought about the idea that everyone is living in a simulation. This has been proposed by Elon Musk and others. The

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Knowing Better

When do you know better? The implication is that it only happens after the event is over. Perhaps you are lucky enough to remember from a previous time. Do you remember the last time you wished you knew better? Age

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Legacy Entrapment

Where does it all begin?  When does a pattern emerge?  How do we decide that one thing is better than another?  Why do we make the choices we do? Obviously we can blame our parents first.  That which we know

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The Age

We are all getting older. There is a time that is called the prime of our lives. Typically it is over before we know it. In computer times, this prime shifts much faster. Being in the right place at the

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Ego-less Genius

A few years ago, I participated in a seminar about creativity.  Since then there have been several email updates about creativity in the business world.  From the latest email, there was a link to a speech from Elizabeth Gilbert.  You

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Choice Paradox

Now and then an author writes about something that starts off being counter-intuitive.  Barry Schwartz wrote the book, “The Paradox of Choice”, to address the misconceptions about the process of making a decision.  In most modern societies, it is perceived that

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Distant Bonds

There is a trend emerging from people using communications technology.  No longer are things limited to the realm of small areas, it is now possible to broadcast information to the world quickly.  The web has the ability for other people

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The Next 5000 Days of the Web

Last year Kevin Kelly gave a presentation about the next 5000 days of the web.  His views are based on what happened in the first 5000 days (roughly 13 1/2 years).  The profile for Kevin reveals a very thoughtful man. 

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Technology Faith

I just returned from America a few days ago.  There was a BriForum conference in Chicago on June 16 to 18 and I was lucky enough to attend.  It’s worthy of describing the conference but I’ll save that until after

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Storage Trends

The best things are found by surprise.  I’ve been wanting a history of storage capacities and costs and today I found a link to “Cost of Hard Drive Space“.  Never mind that it is in a fairly raw format and

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