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Ego-less Genius

A few years ago, I participated in a seminar about creativity.  Since then there have been several email updates about creativity in the business world.  From the latest email, there was a link to a speech from Elizabeth Gilbert.  You

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Distant Bonds

There is a trend emerging from people using communications technology.  No longer are things limited to the realm of small areas, it is now possible to broadcast information to the world quickly.  The web has the ability for other people

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Wandering Desktops

Did you know that the majority of the business world uses Windows for its desktop operating systems?  Of course you did.  Did you also know that by doing so, the user is guaranteed to get a greatly varying experience when

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The Next 5000 Days of the Web

Last year Kevin Kelly gave a presentation about the next 5000 days of the web.  His views are based on what happened in the first 5000 days (roughly 13 1/2 years).  The profile for Kevin reveals a very thoughtful man. 

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My main development machine is recovering.  I had an exception in Winlogon which is always fatal.  I had tried to fix the machine but things were not looking good until today.  After many different attempts, it turned out that doing

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Aggregate Computing

Aggregate computing has existed in various forms over the last 50 years.  It usually lives within the realm of the bigger systems and is focused on high power jobs. IBM built a model around its mainframes that made everything virtual

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Tradition versus Simplicity

If you work in the computer industry long enough, you realize that certain things are done more from tradition than from keeping things simple.  Recently I helped one of my wife’s friends install an ADSL Broadband Internet connection.  In theory

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Nothing for Money

How can something be valuable and yet so plentiful. That’s the question I’m faced with related to computing power. I’ve been thinking about distributed computing and how any kind of economy can be derived from it. It becomes clear quickly

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Buy and Sell Jolt Power (Distributed Computing)

Yesterday I wrote about Folding@Home and how spare computer cycles can potentially make a big difference in research. I’ve be running the client on my home PC for a little while and have already come up with some other ideas.

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