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GoToMyPC Saved My Day

I have been working at home now for almost eleven years.  When my job first started, it was the first time that a software developer worked remotely in my company.  There were many barriers before this time but luckily my

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Blog Evaluation

This blog has been going for three years with this being the 301st post.  Within the last year, things have slowed down considerably for a number of different factors.  Perhaps the biggest reason is being too busy with the current

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Knowing What Matters

There is nothing more important.  More important than what?  What current preoccupation is that important?  Well, it seems that important so therefore it is. It’s a judgment call,  and clearly not all the facts are known. Largely, the computer industry

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Agent of Change

Sometimes I struggle to start the next blog post.  Tonight is one of those kind of times.  There are many different potential topics but it seems that not one of them is more important than the others.  Instead of fussing

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My main development machine is recovering.  I had an exception in Winlogon which is always fatal.  I had tried to fix the machine but things were not looking good until today.  After many different attempts, it turned out that doing

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