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Mobile WinForms Hello World

In the last post, it discussed how to create a simple Hello World example using WinForms.  The example displays the words “Hello World” in the client area of the window and it calculates how big to make the text based

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The Rapid Evolution of Applications

Time waits for no application.  Applications adapt or become extinct.  Some hang on that much closer to death than life.  Somewhere in the wild, old mainframe programs crank over as they have for forty or more years.  This is not

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Public Key Certificate Locations in Windows

Since last week I have been looking more at depth with how certificates work.  One thing that was bugging me was not knowing where the information is stored.  There are plenty of references to the certificates being stored in files

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My main development machine is recovering.  I had an exception in Winlogon which is always fatal.  I had tried to fix the machine but things were not looking good until today.  After many different attempts, it turned out that doing

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PortICA Time Zone Support

This post is really about trying to catch up with what has been going on with PortICA Time Zone Support. For those of you that haven’t read about Citrix Time Zone Support, please look at my previous post. The idea

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