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Single Sign On with Linux VDA 1.1

Customers want things to be easier. A common request is to support Single Sign On (SSO).  Instead of having to enter credentials more than once, SSO remembers the username and password. The SSO design is secure yet provides a better

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Mobile WinForms Hello World

In the last post, it discussed how to create a simple Hello World example using WinForms.  The example displays the words “Hello World” in the client area of the window and it calculates how big to make the text based

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Simple WinForms Hello World Example

Not long ago, a member of the team thought it would be a good idea to show the simplest program possible using the Mobile SDK for Windows Apps.  This was an excellent idea since “Hello World” is commonly used to

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Latest Citrix Mobility Pack News

There is some news to share about the Citrix Mobility Pack. Citrix has released a new revision of XenDesktop called XenDesktop 5.6 FR1.  With this version of XenDesktop, it now supports the Citrix Mobility Pack and the Citrix Mobile Application

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Sumit Dhawan Speaks About VDI

  Recently inside Citrix we were notified of a podcast with Sumit Dhawan, Citrix vice president of product marketing.  This podcast is available to the public so it seems like a good idea to forward this information on.  It is worth

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InfoWorld XenDesktop Review

    InfoWorld has posted a review of XenDesktop just recently.  XenDesktop rated 8.3/10.  The review covers the highlights and explains how things fit together.  It’s good to see independent analysis. Richard Croft in Sydney gets credit for finding this

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