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The Better Product Fallacy

From a previous post there was a summarization of “Trout On Strategy“.  This is the kind of book that stays with you even though it is fairly short.  One of the ideas that has been floating around since reading it

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Trout on Strategy

Some books get straight to the point.  Jack Trout, marketing guru, wrote a book called “Trout on Strategy” within the last few years that summarizes his experience with marketing over his very successful career. There is not a high degree

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Shawn Bass at Geek Speak Live 2008

Earlier this year, Citrix created a new track as part of Citrix Synergy in Houston.  This track, which was called “Geek Speak Live”, was intended to address the more technical aspects of Citrix products.  Not only that, it was intended

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Positioning Marketing

Marketing is a fascinating field.  Ever since my close up exposure to early Citrix marketing, I’ve always wondered how these things really work.  There was always a taste of what it was, but never any really deep understanding. Recently I

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