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WinForms Fonts on Mobile Devices

One of the problems with running Windows programs on a mobile device is that unless the program is aware of the higher DPI, it will show the text in a very small font.  If it goes too far, the font

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Sumit Dhawan Speaks About VDI

  Recently inside Citrix we were notified of a podcast with Sumit Dhawan, Citrix vice president of product marketing.  This podcast is available to the public so it seems like a good idea to forward this information on.  It is worth

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InfoWorld XenDesktop Review

    InfoWorld has posted a review of XenDesktop just recently.  XenDesktop rated 8.3/10.  The review covers the highlights and explains how things fit together.  It’s good to see independent analysis. Richard Croft in Sydney gets credit for finding this

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Shawn Bass at Geek Speak Live 2008

Earlier this year, Citrix created a new track as part of Citrix Synergy in Houston.  This track, which was called “Geek Speak Live”, was intended to address the more technical aspects of Citrix products.  Not only that, it was intended

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Citrix XenDesktop iPhone Demo

In June, Adam Jaques from the Advanced Products Group in Sydney demonstrated the Citrix ICA client on an iPhone.  The video is on YouTube and can be seen from here: Keep in mind that this is just a demonstration.  If

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XenDesktop 2.0 Documentation

Just this morning I received an email internally about XenDesktop 2.0 documentation.  Sometimes it is easy to lose track of this kind of information.  Personally I had no idea where it was stored. Here is a sample of what it

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XenDesktop Release on May 20 2008

Citrix has officially announced that XenDesktop will be made available during Citrix Synergy on May 20, 2008.  This project has been in the works for more than two years now.  It saw a major shift when Citrix acquired Xen Source. 

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Brian Madden Writes about PortICA (XenDesktop ICA)

Brian Madden was in Sydney recently and got the chance to gather more detail about PortICA from the actual developers.  As expected, he has taken the time to summarize his findings in a recent post about PortICA.  It is a

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ClearType and Terminal Services

Did you know that typeface with Terminal Services is usually downgraded from the usual local experience?  Microsoft has the ClearType technology which normally improves the look of text by rounding the edges with different colors giving the characters more rounded

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Mark’s Message from Summit 2008

During Summit 2008, a video was released from Mark Templeton. The video is fairly brief and summarizes the current visions of Citrix. At this time, the concept of XenApp was first introduced. The video seems to be missing the typical

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