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Brian sees Alice in the Looking Glass

Brian Madden takes a peek at Project Alice based out of AdProd Sydney.  Alice promises to integrate remote desktops with local applications in a similar way that remote applications currently integrate with local desktops.  It is also known as reverse

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BriForum 2008 Justification to Your Boss

Brian Madden sure makes it easy to attend BriForum 2008 in Chicago.  Not only does he build a great conference but he also gives you the template letter to use for your boss. Dear [Insert Your Boss’ Name Here]: I

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Brian Madden Writes about PortICA (XenDesktop ICA)

Brian Madden was in Sydney recently and got the chance to gather more detail about PortICA from the actual developers.  As expected, he has taken the time to summarize his findings in a recent post about PortICA.  It is a

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AdProd’s Day in the Sun

Advanced Products is a group within Citrix which is responsible for researching and developing Citrix’s future products.  I’ve been working in AdProd since 1999 based out of the Sydney office.  Recently, Brian Madden visited Australia and stopped by the Sydney

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Luflogix, Brisbane, and Brian Madden

Did you hear about the new startup called Luflogix?  If not, you should. Oh, did I mention that it was announced on on April 1st? Brian was in Brisbane to give one of his master classes to a group

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Flashback: Brian Madden Pushes For Citrix Blogs

Back in July 2006, Brian Madden made a number of recommendations to Citrix about how to make things better.  One of the key recommendations was to allow employees to start blogging.  Before this, Citrix effectively banned employees from blogging.  Even

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Brian Madden Explains SpeedScreen

The term SpeedScreen is confusing with regards to Citrix because it actually includes five different technologies that have been created over the last several years.  It is easy to get things mixed up, especially since some of the technologies do

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