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AdProd’s Day in the Sun

Advanced Products is a group within Citrix which is responsible for researching and developing Citrix’s future products.  I’ve been working in AdProd since 1999 based out of the Sydney office.  Recently, Brian Madden visited Australia and stopped by the Sydney

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Working From Home

Since 1999, I have been working from home.  This was a necessity since there is no nearby office for Citrix.  There was the option to move to Sydney but it just didn’t make sense for us. Working from home can

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Lest We Forget

Today marked ANZAC day in Australia. Ninety two years ago Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) landed at Gallipoli in Turkey. Winston Churchill believed that a quick strike against Turkey would take Turkey out of the war and Germany

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Sydney Airport Backstage Pass

It has been a bit quiet on the blogging front lately. Perhaps the early phase of blogging has worn off and the posts will come less frequently now. Or maybe I’ll just have to wait for more interesting things to

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Shrimp on the barbie

It’s probably one of the most famous quotes from international tourism advertising. Paul Hogan was the star of the 1984 (can you believe it?) tourism campaign for bringing tourists to Australia. There is a good summary of “Shrimp on the

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