AdProd’s Day in the Sun

Advanced Products is a group within Citrix which is responsible for researching and developing Citrix’s future products.  I’ve been working in AdProd since 1999 based out of the Sydney office.  Recently, Brian Madden visited Australia and stopped by the Sydney office to discover what AdProd does.

He wrote an excellent summary at about AdProd.  This was a great time to spread the word and introduce others about the value of work done by AdProd.  Our model of applied research has worked well and we have a great team of developers/researchers to tackle Citrix’s biggest opportunities.

Turning down the hype a bit, I am just glad to see an outside opinion about AdProd.  As companies grow and more interactions occur, it is often difficult to see what different groups do to add value.  I’m impressed with Brian’s perceptions and his knack for getting right to heart of the matter.


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