Suite Eye for the Access Guy

iForum 2005 in Sydney, Australia was a pivotal event for the local development team. Based on raw energy and collective inspiration, a project was formed to film a video which was very entertaining as well as education about Citrix products.

Adam Jaques, a key participant in these developments, has finally spent his spare time to upload the results to YouTube. I’ve been asking Adam about these videos for awhile now. The reason is fairly simple. Not only were they well produced, but they also managed to convincingly include a cast of highly technical people without the usual awkwardness.

In 2005, the latest fad on TV was a show called “Queer Eye for a Straight Guy“. The thinking internally that this message could be changed into “Suite Eye for the Access Guy”. It was a clever twist and the format surprisingly works well.

There are seven parts to the “Suite Eye for the Access Guy” based on how it was presented to the iForum audience in Australia. Here are the seven parts in sequence:

Only one of the main characters of this video set has left Citrix (Pierre). The rest still work amongst us. It was a brave foray into the more theatrical marketing space. There is another set of videos that Adam has uploaded which I will mention in a future post.

I remember watching this at iForum 2005 and being extremely proud of what they had accomplished. It was a wonderful concept that was well executed.

The video was so popular that it was replicated in model in America later that year.


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