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Citrix Video Tips

It is difficult to find decent concentrated information sometimes.  Usually bits are found but no collection.  Even though the “Citrix Video Tips” at uTIPu is not as extensive as it could be, it has the beginnings of a very interesting

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Clever Homemade Promotion of Citrix

Give these people a real budget!  This is incredibly clever.  It reminds me of Fantastic Voyage but with a Citrix twist. This is short movie following the lives of two youngsters caught in the Internet – and how they use

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Mark Templeton Video Invitation to Citrix Synergy

Internally Wes Wasson sent an email on Monday advocating the upcoming Citrix Synergy event.  As part of this, at the end, is a link to video authored by Mark Templeton.  Mark, in case you didn’t know, is the CEO of

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Suite Eye for the Access Guy

iForum 2005 in Sydney, Australia was a pivotal event for the local development team. Based on raw energy and collective inspiration, a project was formed to film a video which was very entertaining as well as education about Citrix products.

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Mark’s Message from Summit 2008

During Summit 2008, a video was released from Mark Templeton. The video is fairly brief and summarizes the current visions of Citrix. At this time, the concept of XenApp was first introduced. The video seems to be missing the typical

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Brian Madden Explains SpeedScreen

The term SpeedScreen is confusing with regards to Citrix because it actually includes five different technologies that have been created over the last several years.  It is easy to get things mixed up, especially since some of the technologies do

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iForum 2007 – Mark Templeton Video Presentation

Digging around can pay off. I was looking for a way to get notified of Citrix press releases and hit an About Citrix link. Inside this link is a another link to a video message from Mark Templeton at iForum

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Russ Naples Video About 64-bit Computing (2005)

There are a few Citrix videos available on the Internet.  I have not found that many yet but persistence usually pays off.  Just yesterday I found one via Veoh that featured Russ Naples.  I worked with Russ in the old

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