Mark Templeton Video Invitation to Citrix Synergy

Internally Wes Wasson sent an email on Monday advocating the upcoming Citrix Synergy event.  As part of this, at the end, is a link to video authored by Mark Templeton.  Mark, in case you didn’t know, is the CEO of Citrix.  The message describes the upcoming Synergy event and encourages past iForum participants to attend.

It’s a quick way to get an overview of what Synergy is and hopefully Mark can convince you to go better than I can.

Mark Templeton Video Invitation to Citrix Synergy

To give you a bit more promotional material from Wes, here is what Synergy will be comprised of:

Citrix Synergy 2008 – “Where Virtualization, Networking and Application Delivery Meet”

The theme of this year’s event will be “Virtualize. Optimize. Deliver” and will consist of four integrated sub-conferences:

  • iForum User Conference

Get the latest scoop on every Citrix product from A-Xen. Includes more technical sessions, more customer case studies, more demos and more hands-on labs than ever. Everything you loved about iForum in the past and more!

  • App Delivery Industry Expo

No one vendor can solve all your application delivery problems. Making everything from the datacenter to the desktop work in the real world means figuring out how to make products from multiple vendors work well together, even those from vendors that sometimes compete with one another. Features more than 50 vendors showcasing multi-vendor product demos, architectural best practices and technical sessions on hot topics like VDI, green computing, mobile computing and Web 2.0. Also features interactive discussion areas where every surface is a whiteboard, no Power Points are allowed and experts are ready to answer your toughest application delivery questions live.

  • Geek Speak Live!

The ultimate “un-conference” sponsored by Intel. From VDI to networking, datacenter automation to SaaS – customers pick the topics, share their ideas and learn from the REAL experts. Geek Speak Live! will include an engaging “speed geeking” showdown featuring Citrix technical gurus and outspoken independent experts from around the industry. The coffee is hot and the microphones are open! Cap it all off with an evening of standout comedy from Emmy-award winning comedian and impressionist, Dana Carvey.

  • IT 2.0 Business Symposium

Learn how virtualization, networking and application delivery are transforming every aspect of the IT industry in this powerful executive session. Featuring keynote speaker and bestselling author Nicholas Carr (Does IT Matter and The Big Switch), this engaging one-day event is a must for all IT business professionals who want to learn how to survive and thrive in today’s dynamic IT environment. IT 2.0 Business Symposium is included in the full Synergy admission and available at a reduced cost to IT executives who can only come for one day and are not interested in all the technical sessions.

It’s a brave new name with a brave new mission to provide more content.  It does sound interesting but I already know I’m not going.  Australia is just a bit too far away.

Hope you enjoy the conference.


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