Brian Madden Writes about PortICA (XenDesktop ICA)

Brian Madden was in Sydney recently and got the chance to gather more detail about PortICA from the actual developers.  As expected, he has taken the time to summarize his findings in a recent post about PortICA.  It is a fair and comprehensive assessment of Citrix’s new ICA technology for XP and Vista.

What is really cool is that the industry is starting to catch on to the fact this is actually new technology.  The catch phrase “same but different” rings true and I am pleased to see that Brian gets it and has captured it so well in this post.

If you are following XenDesktop, this is a perfect opportunity to understand the technology a bit more and contrast it with other vendors in the VDI space.

Besides that, I have worked on PortICA over the last two years and it feels good to get some outside feedback.  The rest of the PortICA team feels the same way.


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