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Single User ICA Server – Citrix Product Idea 431

This idea was documented in an email on May 30, 2003. It had been an idea that I had advocated from years before but it seemed like a good time to document it with the hopes that it would get

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Brian Madden Writes about PortICA (XenDesktop ICA)

Brian Madden was in Sydney recently and got the chance to gather more detail about PortICA from the actual developers.  As expected, he has taken the time to summarize his findings in a recent post about PortICA.  It is a

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Techniques for Generating Fake COM Ports

I wrote this last July on an internal blog.  Now it seems that it should be made available outside as well.  It is only meant for testing COM port mappings with Citrix but the ideas could be applied elsewhere with

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Cursor Blinking

There is a feature in operating systems that most of us take for granted.  This is the simple text cursor.   There is a bit of confusion within Windows whether it is called a caret or a cursor (based on the

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HyperTerminal Goes Hyper

I recently had the pleasure of debugging HyperTerminal on PortICA.  It is going to take some time to put together the story of how things turned out but I wanted to start by saying something obvious. If you are going

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XenDesktop and PortICA

The evolution of names is always interesting to watch.  Citrix likes changing names to better suit the market it wants to address.  Based on the recent acquisition of XenSource, there has been a shift in focus to better embrace the

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PortICA Time Zone Support

This post is really about trying to catch up with what has been going on with PortICA Time Zone Support. For those of you that haven’t read about Citrix Time Zone Support, please look at my previous post. The idea

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Not Cut and Dry, Cut and Paste

Assumptions are easy to make.  We do them all the time.  Usually they help to speed up understand and create a kind of common language.  Other times, they lead only to confusion. The clipboard design is based on one primary

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MAPPORT – Simple alternative to NET USE for Citrix COM and LPT Ports

I posted this internally first but have realized that it has value outside Citrix as well. Surprise. Citrix could support more than COM9 for its COM port redirection. Currently Citrix recommends using NET USE to map COM ports. The problem

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Citrix Time Zone Support

One of the most confusing things ever invented is time zones.  Well, they aren’t inherently confusing by themselves but when you start talking about different time zones and daylight savings, then things get messy.  Add in a factor of government

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