XenDesktop and PortICA

The evolution of names is always interesting to watch.  Citrix likes changing names to better suit the market it wants to address.  Based on the recent acquisition of XenSource, there has been a shift in focus to better embrace the virtualization market.  As part of this, the Citrix Desktop Server has been renamed to XenDesktop.  It isn’t just a rename since now it will be possible to actually include XenSource products as part of XenDesktop.

I am not a company spokesperson and certainly have nothing to do with product positioning or naming.  What I can tell you is that PortICA (which happens to be JUST a codename for a project) is a part of XenDesktop.  Recently XenDesktop was demonstrated at iForum in Las Vegas.  Two of the managers from Sydney were actually there.  One was lucky enough to show XenDesktop to customers for the first time.  The reaction was very positive.  As some of you probably already know there is a Beta that should be available soon.

For those of you unfamiliar with PortICA, you can read the original post here.

The only real purpose of this post is to make sure that it was understood that the PortICA project is alive and included as part of the XenDesktop product.

Another point of clarification is that it will still be possible to use XenDesktop on other VMs and actual hardware as well as XenServer.  Please excuse me if I have the terminology wrong with XenServer since this is a fairly recent change.

In general it seems the desktop virtualization market has really heated up over the last year or so and that there is a surprising amount of demand for doing these kind of things.  There are certainly some trends developing with providing these kind of services.


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