Knowing Better

When do you know better? The implication is that it only happens after the event is over. Perhaps you are lucky enough to remember from a previous time. Do you remember the last time you wished you knew better? Age

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Science Fiction Threats

It is hard to remember seeing my first science fiction show. It could have been Star Trek from the 60s. Regardless, I really enjoyed watching all the possible aspects of the future being brought to TV. The amount of imagination

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CitrixBlogger renamed to has been renamed to The main purpose of is to keep the blog posts alive in a new location. The old name redirects to the new name. There will be some new content soon.  

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Just to let you know, the domain registration for Citrix Blogger expires February 5, 2017. Since I no longer work at Citrix, it is time to drop the current domain name. Have not decided yet whether to create a new name to

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Single Sign On with Linux VDA 1.1

Customers want things to be easier. A common request is to support Single Sign On (SSO).  Instead of having to enter credentials more than once, SSO remembers the username and password. The SSO design is secure yet provides a better

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Linux VDA 1.1 Internationalization (UTF-8)

In the history of computing, one aspect that had eluded capture is a consistent encoding scheme.  There have been many attempts to standardize a character encoding scheme, but each has had strong downsides until about 20 years ago.  The invention of UTF-8

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Linux and Citrix

To start with, this is not an official statement from Citrix.  Rather, this is a collection of observations over the length of time at Citrix. First thing to note is that in the history of Citrix, the company had respect

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