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Future Simulation

While driving to get a haircut (a couple of years ago), I was thinking about random things and somehow thought about the idea that everyone is living in a simulation. This has been proposed by Elon Musk and others. The

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Quora Question about Innovation

Recently answered a question about why Google has trouble with innovation in major products. Why do large companies like Google produce less innovation despite having a lot of smart and educated people?

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I worked for a large software company for twenty years. In that time, I saw the difference between a small company and it growing into a massive enterprise. It was a great ride and I gained many insights into what

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Just to let you know, the domain registration for Citrix Blogger expires February 5, 2017. Since I no longer work at Citrix, it is time to drop the current domain name. Have not decided yet whether to create a new name to

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Mobile SDK for Windows Apps FAQ

What is a “Mobile SDK for Windows Apps”?  Sounds like maybe something Microsoft would put together related to Windows 8.  Or perhaps it is a bold attempt to make Windows Apps more relevant?  But what would that mean? Good question.

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First Citrix Staff meeting

First Citrix staff meeting held at Ed Iacobucci’s house during either August or September 1990. From the left, Mike Stone, VP Marketing, Lynn Bishop, VP Sales, Ed Iacobucci CTO, Glenn Hamblin, VP Engineering, Roger Roberts, CEO. The picture was taken

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Citrix Server Codenames

Every software company uses code names for their products before they are released.  It is a very long tradition in the technology field.  For many years, I have been meaning to compile a list of the Citrix server code names

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Certificate Authority Trust Model

There are many different kinds of certificate authorities available.  A description from Windows 2000 Server documentation helps to clarify.  The different players are: Root CA Subordinate CA Intermediate CA Issuing CA The CA hierarchies are very flexible based on simple

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One line XML files

XML can be hard to read without any formatting. The computer could care less but human eyes cannot easily see the patterns. This recently became obvious with the FedUtil program that comes with Windows Identity Foundation. All the XML ends

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Git Over It

Git is a tool used extensively for open source projects.  It is a way of distributing source control instead of the typical central repository.  History has it that Linus Torvalds himself developed the original tool. Every Git working directory is

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