Citrix Server Codenames

Every software company uses code names for their products before they are released.  It is a very long tradition in the technology field.  For many years, I have been meaning to compile a list of the Citrix server code names but the main problem was that it was easy to forget the names versus the numbers.  Recently I found an old web page that summarizes the releases and code names.

Real name Code name Date
XenApp 6.5 Iron Cove August 2011
XenApp 6.0 Parra April 2010
XenApp 5.0 Delaware August 2008
Presentation Server 4.5 Ohio February 2007
Presentation Server 4.0 Colorado April 2005
Presentation Server 3.0 Hudson February 2004
MetaFrame XP Feature Release 3 Amazon February 2003
MetaFrame XP Feature Release 2 Ganges May 2002
MetaFrame XP Feature Release 1 Nile October 2001

The early theme was rivers. Later the names would change based on the release intent.

The earliest code name I still remember is “South Beach” which was used for the first WinFrame 1.5 release in 1995.



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3 comments on “Citrix Server Codenames
  1. johnr says:

    I remember going down to South Beach with Marc Bloomfield early on a Saturday morning to take pictures for the CD jacket.

  2. Steve Greenberg says:

    Thanks Jeff, for those of us who lived through all this, it is great to have it all remembered and documented in one place

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