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Linux and Citrix

To start with, this is not an official statement from Citrix.  Rather, this is a collection of observations over the length of time at Citrix. First thing to note is that in the history of Citrix, the company had respect

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Mobile Makeover – Before and After

Last week I wrote a few different posts about converting an existing WinForms app into a mobile application.  What I forgot to do was show what my example application looked like before it was converted.  This blog will make up

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First Citrix Staff meeting

First Citrix staff meeting held at Ed Iacobucci’s house during either August or September 1990. From the left, Mike Stone, VP Marketing, Lynn Bishop, VP Sales, Ed Iacobucci CTO, Glenn Hamblin, VP Engineering, Roger Roberts, CEO. The picture was taken

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Dilbert and Citrix

Back in 1993, the Citrix Engineering team used to get amusement from Dilbert.  I remember posting clippings on the outside of my cubicle wall for others to read.  Later I linked my personal website (1994) to the official Dilbert site.

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Latest Citrix Receiver for iPhone video

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Citrix XenDesktop iPhone Demo

In June, Adam Jaques from the Advanced Products Group in Sydney demonstrated the Citrix ICA client on an iPhone.  The video is on YouTube and can be seen from here: Keep in mind that this is just a demonstration.  If

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Session Recovery Idea 422

Here’s another idea ahead of its time. This one also came from iForum 2003, but from a different customer. At the time it seemed like a largely unsolvable problem with MetaFrame. This has since changed with the advancement of virtualization

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Offline Access Idea 2003

In recent developments Offline VDI has gained much interest. Offline support has been a common request of Citrix for many years. Until virtualization came around, it looked pretty hard to accomplish this goal in a believable way. I was busy

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Citrix One of the Best Places to Work in Silicon Valley

I was looking around YouTube for Citrix related video and found an interesting TV show segment from BestPlacesToWork from KPIX in the Silicon Valley.  This video which is five minutes long, promotes Citrix as being an excellent place to work

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