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Dilbert and Citrix

Back in 1993, the Citrix Engineering team used to get amusement from Dilbert.  I remember posting clippings on the outside of my cubicle wall for others to read.  Later I linked my personal website (1994) to the official Dilbert site.

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Citrix Ready Premium Catalog

I’m sure this means something to someone.  If you would like your very own logo next to the “Citrix Ready” logo on over 200 items for promotion, I have found you a great website. Citrix Ready Premium Catalog The assortment

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Citrix Online Commercials

Pigeons are the stars of this video from Citrix Online’s GoToMyPC. The ads produced for Citrix Online are always impressive with the special effects. From last year, there was this one. Are you sick of traveling for meetings? Watch your

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