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Converting Windows Apps into Mobile Apps

The story of Microsoft Windows began in 1985.  A young Microsoft realized it needed a GUI instead of just DOS.  The Microsoft history tends to ignore the influence of the market.  At the time, Apple had released Macintosh and were

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Ed Iacobucci

On June 21st, Ed Iacobucci passed away after a year and a half fight against cancer.  It was not widely know that he was so sick.  Disbelief was the first reaction.  Not much later, it turned into shock. Ed was

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Citrix XenApp Mobile Application SDK Version 1 Available

The first version of the Citrix XenApp 6.5 Mobile Application (XAMA) SDK has been published on the Citrix web site as of December 17, 2011.  In order to use the SDK, the XenApp server must have the Citrix XenApp 6.5

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Dilbert and Citrix

Back in 1993, the Citrix Engineering team used to get amusement from Dilbert.  I remember posting clippings on the outside of my cubicle wall for others to read.  Later I linked my personal website (1994) to the official Dilbert site.

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One in Ten

Just last week, Citrix announced a cutback which would lead to 10% of the workforce being laid off. This resulted in approximately 500 to be forced to leave. Every section of the company was required to follow the 10% rule.

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Session Recovery Idea 422

Here’s another idea ahead of its time. This one also came from iForum 2003, but from a different customer. At the time it seemed like a largely unsolvable problem with MetaFrame. This has since changed with the advancement of virtualization

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