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Blocks Versus Files

This topic presents an interesting problem.  A disk is made up of sectors which are arranged as clusters by the file system.  Both NTFS and FAT use a cluster model to clump together sectors into bigger chunks.  The cluster model

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ICA Stream – Citrix Product Idea 187

“ICA Stream” is the oldest idea I have in the product ideas database. It was submitted March 23, 2002. The basic premise was being able to record and playback ICA sessions. This idea later became a part of Project Iris

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Single User ICA Server – Citrix Product Idea 431

This idea was documented in an email on May 30, 2003. It had been an idea that I had advocated from years before but it seemed like a good time to document it with the hopes that it would get

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Session Recovery Idea 422

Here’s another idea ahead of its time. This one also came from iForum 2003, but from a different customer. At the time it seemed like a largely unsolvable problem with MetaFrame. This has since changed with the advancement of virtualization

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Offline Access Idea 2003

In recent developments Offline VDI has gained much interest. Offline support has been a common request of Citrix for many years. Until virtualization came around, it looked pretty hard to accomplish this goal in a believable way. I was busy

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Server Based Computing versus Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

One of the things I did not see coming was the pending battle between Server Based Computing (SBC) and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). This first became obvious at BriForum 2008 with sessions titled such as “SBC vs VDI”. The resulting

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Visions of Nirvana – Less Is More

I must commend Chris Fleck at Citrix. He has put forward a vision of a world that does not need laptops as we know them today. In January, Chris posted an article calledThe Nirvana device a Smartphone as a PC

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Tasting Tomorrow

You never know where the future might take you. Tomorrow is going to be different from today as today was different from the day before. Even in “Groundhog Day” the same day was different every time. They say that you

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Files, Folders, and Folly

The concept of files has been around for quite some time. I just tried to find out how old the idea was but did not find a date. Instead, I found a very exciting entry at Wikipedia about file folders.

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In the Spirit of Innovation

As you may already know, Citrix has an internal program for gathering product ideas from employees. In a previous post, I asked for customers to submit ideas so that I could forward these ideas into the product ideas database. The

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