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Living In The Future

Imagine that you are magically transported back in time to 1974. Some of you weren’t even alive then. Just imagine what it would be like not to have a personal computer. Imagine what it would be like not to have

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Moving Up and Down the Stack

This has been going on for quite some time. Companies which have traditionally specialized in certain areas are forced to examine related areas in order to grow. Once a tech company grows past a certain point (perhaps when it reaches

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Time Marches On

Before I knew it, a new year was here. This inspires me to write about the past year and what will unfold for this year. For whatever reason it doesn’t seem important to dive into particular details but instead look

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Telepresence Revisted

Back in January I wrote a post titled Telepresence which covered the concept of extending the Citrix model to better simulate remote environments for the sake of working together across great distances. Recently I attended a Gartner conference in Sydney

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The Virtual and The Real

From a title like that, it is not that hard to conclude that I am a fan of the Matrix movies. There was something powerful about the first movie that really had not been told before. Besides the fact that

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Obsolete Operating Systems

Obsolete! When the next version of operating system comes out, the previous one is deemed unwanted. This happens in a number of industries including automobiles, fashion, and entertainment devices (games and video players). The question becomes “How often and for

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The Mirror

There is a topic I’ve been meaning to cover for months now but just haven’t tackled it. It is more research based and certainly isn’t Citrix related (yet) but it so interesting that I had to write about it. Earlier

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Bad Software Day

I’ve had a bad software day. Occasionally I want to just toss the computer in the rubbish bin (Aussie/UK slang). Usually I just accept it and move on and try something different. Usually that works. Today it did not seem

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Creative Business Bliss

You never know where business is going to take you. You always hope that things are going to get better and that problems will not be difficult but they don’t always turn out that way. In a strange twist of

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Cubicle Reality

That which is not an office is a cubicle. That which is a cubicle is not really a cube. It can get quite confusing really. It makes me wonder where the concept of cubicle came from? Was it some manager’s

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