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Code Red

“Code Red” is one thing you never want to hear. Normally it is only on television. Unfortunately it does happen in real life. There is another meaning that I want to give “Code Red” based on my experience in the

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Free Software

Free software. What does it mean? Does it have any costs? Is it possible to have software that really costs nothing? These are all questions that this post will address. Citrix has its own class of free software that can

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The Best Advice

Yesterday I mentioned an article by Marshall Goldsmith that I really enjoyed. It’s called “The Best Advice I Ever Received” and it is about advice that he received as a Ph.D. student from his mentor Dr. Fred Case. It is

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Life in the Same Day

A few films have crossed paths with places that I have lived. Two of them are fairly famous. Why not write a post about these movies with the hope that I might find some relevance? Wish me luck, but be

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That Which We Left Behind

At what point does something that we used to treasure become trash? When is it time to let go of that which we used to need? How fast is something supposed to die and when do we stop caring about

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Kissing Your Way Up

Recently, I received an interesting email from my friend Kathy that referred to the issue of kissing up. Actually the article calls it “sucking up”. I’m sure there are plenty of other names for it. The article mentioned is called

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Virtual Reality vs Composite Reality

I’ll start this post by admitting that I am not an expert in virtual reality. Does it count that I have watched the Matrix? And by the way, what is the matrix? I confess that I’m a fan of the

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Emergence – Bottom up organization

I’ve been reading “Emergence” by Steven Johnson and have really enjoyed the new ideas that he has unraveled. Every once in a while you find a book that is refreshing to read. Strangely, not only is it entertaining but it

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Mythical Man-Month

Almost everyone has every heard of or read about the “mythical man-month”. Most agree with its premise. In its most distilled form, it means that there is no way to capture a unit of work that will be the same

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This is one of those fringe kind of things to think about. What is the ultimate goal of such things as Citrix Presentation Server? From the most simple aspect, it is about accessing computer resources remotely in the most transparent

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