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Deduplication. Sounds like a made up word, doesn’t it? People are always looking for ways to improve storage usage and one of the most recent developments takes it to a new level. Since the concept is fairly new, it has several

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The Direction of Flash Memory

There has been a certain curiosity about where flash memory is going.  It is typically hard to locate good material on subjects like this.  There was luck on this tonight.  Jim Cooke from Micron gave a presentation at WinHEC in

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Time Marches On

Before I knew it, a new year was here. This inspires me to write about the past year and what will unfold for this year. For whatever reason it doesn’t seem important to dive into particular details but instead look

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Telepresence Revisted

Back in January I wrote a post titled Telepresence which covered the concept of extending the Citrix model to better simulate remote environments for the sake of working together across great distances. Recently I attended a Gartner conference in Sydney

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The Virtual and The Real

From a title like that, it is not that hard to conclude that I am a fan of the Matrix movies. There was something powerful about the first movie that really had not been told before. Besides the fact that

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Tasting Tomorrow

You never know where the future might take you. Tomorrow is going to be different from today as today was different from the day before. Even in “Groundhog Day” the same day was different every time. They say that you

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Virtual Reality vs Composite Reality

I’ll start this post by admitting that I am not an expert in virtual reality. Does it count that I have watched the Matrix? And by the way, what is the matrix? I confess that I’m a fan of the

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More Isolation Through Specialization

As humans, we have a kind of duality that runs through us. We crave the presence of friends and family (well, some of the time at least) but we also want our independence. As the years have gone by (as

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This is one of those fringe kind of things to think about. What is the ultimate goal of such things as Citrix Presentation Server? From the most simple aspect, it is about accessing computer resources remotely in the most transparent

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The Wheels of Progress

Doesn’t it seem like everyone is in such a rush? Obviously during the holidays everyone was keen to shop to buy presents for family and friends. It is a sanctioned shopping feeding frenzy. Every year, there is some new device

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