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VHD tools: vhdcompact and regedit

It is terrible to be unsure of what to blog about.  The weight of choice tends to create a vacuum.  This is most obvious when months pass by before anything new is written.  There are certainly things that have happened

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VHD versus NTFS alignment

This topic is guaranteed to bore most people.  Or, maybe I am wrong.  Are you the kind of person that loves to defrag your disk?  Are you always looking for new ways of speeding up your machine?  Are knobs and

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Fast Creation for Fixed Size VHD

Search, and you shall find.  One of the many problems of dealing with VHDs is that they can take ages to create.  More specificly, the fixed VHDs can be very slow.  This is due to clearing the entire VHD with

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VHD Snapshots Revealed

Microsoft produced a series of videos about Hyper-V last year from the Program Managers.  Based on recent investigations, I found a good explanation of how snapshotting works.  The VHD snapshotting video is a bit casual but captures the essence of

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VHD Documentation for Windows 7

If you look hard enough on the web, you are bound to find something good. It might not be what you started with but the distraction is worth it.  This time it is the official “unofficial” documentation from Microsoft for

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Microsoft has published a new FAQ on VHDs. There is some surprising information in here and it is very recent.  There are guidelines for using VHDs with Windows 7. It was unexpected advice to use Fixed VHDs.  The reasons sound

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VHD Difference Disk

What is the difference?  With VHDs, it is a classification of virtual drive.  The other two types have already been covered and now it is time to briefly cover what makes the difference VHD disk interesting. Why does it exist?

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