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VHD versus NTFS alignment

This topic is guaranteed to bore most people.  Or, maybe I am wrong.  Are you the kind of person that loves to defrag your disk?  Are you always looking for new ways of speeding up your machine?  Are knobs and

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Cluster Map

  One aspect of volume management is knowing which clusters are free and which ones are used.  This is typically something managed solely by the operating system but it is sometimes possible to get a glimpse of how things align.

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Blocks Versus Files

This topic presents an interesting problem.  A disk is made up of sectors which are arranged as clusters by the file system.  Both NTFS and FAT use a cluster model to clump together sectors into bigger chunks.  The cluster model

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Determining Volume Cluster Size

On Monday there was a need to determine the cluster size of a NTFS volume.  Searching the web led to the discovery of a few different techniques but nothing that could be absorbed easily into a program.  One technique called

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