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Converting Windows Apps into Mobile Apps

The story of Microsoft Windows began in 1985.  A young Microsoft realized it needed a GUI instead of just DOS.  The Microsoft history tends to ignore the influence of the market.  At the time, Apple had released Macintosh and were

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XenApp Mobility Pack (XAMP)

Ramping up with XAMP Over the last couple of years, Citrix Labs has been working on a project to make standard Windows applications more usable on mobile devices (phones and tablets).  This started with the development of Project GoldenGate and

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Blocks Versus Files

This topic presents an interesting problem.  A disk is made up of sectors which are arranged as clusters by the file system.  Both NTFS and FAT use a cluster model to clump together sectors into bigger chunks.  The cluster model

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QVT – Query Intel VT Feature Program

Things are rolling along today.  After determining that the Intel program was a bit heavy for just figuring out whether or not Intel VT is there, it was discovered that the CPUID instruction could be used.  Intel has documentation about

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Determining Volume Cluster Size

On Monday there was a need to determine the cluster size of a NTFS volume.  Searching the web led to the discovery of a few different techniques but nothing that could be absorbed easily into a program.  One technique called

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Ctrl-Alt-Del Tools

Within the Terminal Server and Citrix communities, there are actually people that write tools for these multi-user environments. There are certain tools which make life much easier for the average integrator and administrator. In general, people are just looking for

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