QVT – Query Intel VT Feature Program

Things are rolling along today.  After determining that the Intel program was a bit heavy for just figuring out whether or not Intel VT is there, it was discovered that the CPUID instruction could be used.  Intel has documentation about CPUID that makes it fairly easy to use.

Hidden inside the documentation is a flag that shows that the processor can handle Intel VT.

In this document are several other features.  It is a good map between the internal technical names and the eventual product feature names.  The summary is that if you can examine this flag, the program will know which way the VT support goes.

So, here is a program that does just that:

QVT source

The program was tested against older and newer machines and it appears to work fine.  The only catch is that it will not work against AMD or other processors.  This program could be used as a framework to build other programs to determine Intel feature set.  For example, it could be determined if the system supports TXT or 64-bit support.  There is a commented out wprintf that could be used to show the flags and with this information it would be possible to map against the CPUID documentation.

Eventually it will be possible to store the executables somewhere to allow for download.  So far that kind of solution has not been obvious yet.

If you are interested in learning more, please read the CPUID page at Wikipedia.


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