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Within the Terminal Server and Citrix communities, there are actually people that write tools for these multi-user environments. There are certain tools which make life much easier for the average integrator and administrator. In general, people are just looking for more tools to do things they want.

The title refers one group that has made its tools available for free. Ctrl-Alt-Del IT Consultancy has a web site that offers several interesting TS/Citrix tools in a style similar to the old Sysinternals site. If you select the CAD Util Pack, you get:

The CAD Util Pack is a collection of freeware utilities
designed by Ctrl-Alt-Del IT Consultancy, Australia.

The collection includes:
 - Bombprof
 - Envtscip
 - Getpubapp
 - Gettscip
 - ICSweep
 - Qryclientip
 - Qrydeptapp
 - Qrypubapp
 - Qrytscip
 - TSLoadStats
 - TSLogoff
 - TSPasschg
 - TSReboot
 - TSWhereis
 - TSBackdrop
 - TSMsg
 - REMProf

All included utilities ares FREEWARE and were written by
Warren Simondson of Ctrl-Alt-Del IT Consultancy, Australia.

I’ll just pick one of them so you get the idea:

– a command-line tool for Citrix Servers to query what specific Published Application is running in the current session.

This utility was written for Citrix Servers to query the name of the current session’s Published Application (if any) and display it in the command line.

Please go to the tools page to get a full description of each tool. Certain tools could be used everyday in automated logon scripts whereas others would be used to clean up or diagnose problems.

It’s quite a list of programs to make available for free. I would recommend looking around and seeing what might help you. It might be easiest to just download the Util Pack to try them out.

I had heard of Ctrl-Alt-Del before from the other web sites for TS/Citrix and was impressed with the concept. Recently Warren Simondson contacted me in relation to this blog. We started exchanging emails and it did not take long to conclude how small world can be. It turns out that Warren works in Brisbane. He told me that he was hired at SiliconData to replace me leaving in 1999 (when I went to Citrix in Sydney). I had written some simple tools for Rick Mack and myself to help get certain tasks done. When I left, Rick insisted that Warren continue this. Warren wrote lots of tools and the end result is this large amount of free programs. This is my interpretation of the story that Warren told me. I do not know when Warren decided to make these tools available on the Internet. He certainly has done a great job.

If you happen to be in the Brisbane area and are interested in running a Citrix environment, I’m sure that Ctrl-Alt-Del would be a great candidate to talk with.


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