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Sumit Dhawan Speaks About VDI

  Recently inside Citrix we were notified of a podcast with Sumit Dhawan, Citrix vice president of product marketing.  This podcast is available to the public so it seems like a good idea to forward this information on.  It is worth

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Shawn Bass at Geek Speak Live 2008

Earlier this year, Citrix created a new track as part of Citrix Synergy in Houston.  This track, which was called “Geek Speak Live”, was intended to address the more technical aspects of Citrix products.  Not only that, it was intended

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Why not choose VDI?

As promised, here is the poll on why you would not select VDI.  Keep in mind that you can select multiple reasons and that if you are not happy with the selections you can add your own text description on

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Informal VDI Poll

This is the first poll for To test the idea of using the poll, the topic of VDI has been selected. Here is a chance to vote for why you would pick VDI as a solution. The results will

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Server Based Computing versus Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

One of the things I did not see coming was the pending battle between Server Based Computing (SBC) and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). This first became obvious at BriForum 2008 with sessions titled such as “SBC vs VDI”. The resulting

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XenDesktop Beta

For those of you following XenDesktop news, there is now confirmation that the XenDesktop Beta has begun. This is not to be confused with the Citrix XenDesktop Tech Preview which came out last year. Internally this is viewed as being

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