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XenDesktop Beta

For those of you following XenDesktop news, there is now confirmation that the XenDesktop Beta has begun. This is not to be confused with the Citrix XenDesktop Tech Preview which came out last year. Internally this is viewed as being

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Updated Citrix Revenue History

I am finally updating the revenue history. This was announced last month. The official number was 1.39 billion dollars for total Citrix revenue in 2007. This chart is based on a logarithmic scale and that is why it does not

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Zero Install Citrix Client

The title might seem a bit strange.  How can you not install a Citrix client?  The answer is that the client has already been installed.  This isn’t the whole story but the idea is basically that. A couple of years

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Introducing XenApp

Citrix has officially announced the name change for what was called “Citrix Presentation Server”. The original NDA announcement came during Citrix Summit and it was quickly written about on the web. I’ve been avoiding the topic like the plague since

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