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ICA File Setting Reference

Lately there are only posts if I find interesting information.  This time it was the rediscovery of the ICA File Setting Reference.  This guide includes the explanation of what the different fields mean.  I had forgotten how DesiredColor worked.  It

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Try the new Mac OS X client, You’ll like it

It was announced later last year that a new version of the Mac OS X client was available for Citrix ICA connections.  It was official put on the web last December.  Here is the download page. For the curious souls,

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Citrix ICA Client Feature Matrix

Which features are supported on which clients?  How do the clients compare?  These questions are answered in the Citrix ICA Client Feature Matrix available on the Citrix web site.  The list reveals that support varies widely.  This is especially true

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Zero Install Citrix Client

The title might seem a bit strange.  How can you not install a Citrix client?  The answer is that the client has already been installed.  This isn’t the whole story but the idea is basically that. A couple of years

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