Try the new Mac OS X client, You’ll like it

It was announced later last year that a new version of the Mac OS X client was available for Citrix ICA connections.  It was official put on the web last December.  Here is the download page.

For the curious souls, there is also a Readme and Admin Guide online.

Recently I had to resolve a problem with XenDesktop and the Mac client with SpeedScreen Browser Acceleration.  Being that I usually don’t do any work with the Mac, I was surprised to find out that the Mac client was pretty good.  Many of the non Win32 clients do not match up but in this case the Mac actually exceeds the Win32 client in certain areas.  It seems better thought out with regards to configuration and has some flashy UI elements.  Basically it looks like it belongs with Mac OS X.  Historically this work has been done in the UK ever since Insignia was acquired in the late 90’s.

Anyways, I’m impressed with the Mac OS X client and I wanted to recommend it to whoever would listen.


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