Bill Gates’ Charmed Life


Microsoft and Citrix have had a long and productive relationship.  Microsoft gave Citrix the ability to create the terminal services business and Microsoft bought the technology when it matured.  The partnership continues strongly today from the new focus on virtualization and branch offices (not necessarily together).

I was looking for some new material on the new project between SanDisk and Microsoft that is now dubbed StartKey.  Along the way I found the 2008 CES Keynote with Bill Gates.  This is embedded in the Microsoft CES web page.  When you first come to the CES page, it pretty much demands that you install Silverlight.  If you select the link for the CES Keynote here, you won’t have to get Silverlight going just yet.

What prompted me to investigate this Keynote video was that it was announced that Bill Gates’ last day is coming in July 2008.  After that, he is going to focus on his Foundation work.  The Keynote video starts much like any other high tech video with lots of polish and marketing.  After about five minutes of introduction and Bill Gates talking about his history with CES and final day, he shows a video of what his last day might be like.

It’s amazing and funny at the same time.  I was quite surprised with his attitude of essentially being roasted by a collection of very famous people.  You will certainly not believe who shows up and how casually they treat this.  It is certainly worth watching.

Later on I was thinking how charmed Bill Gates’ life has been.  To be one of the richest men in the world doing what he loves doing anyhow is certainly a blessing.  He has changed quite a bit over the years and has certainly mellowed with age.  It looks like history is going to be very kind to Bill.

Thanks for giving Citrix a chance Bill.   It has been a good ride together.


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