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WinForms Fonts on Mobile Devices

One of the problems with running Windows programs on a mobile device is that unless the program is aware of the higher DPI, it will show the text in a very small font.  If it goes too far, the font

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XAMA SDK Error Codes

During the initial development of XenApp Mobile Pack, certain choices were made for the status/error codes.  This all made sense during that time but certain topics have come up since then which requires attention.  Nothing serious, but rather more of

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Help with Citrix XAMA SDK on Forum and Email

Since we just announced XAMP and XAMA just a few days ago, and it also very close to the holidays, it is not expected that many people will get a chance to try these solutions before January. However, to anticipate

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Debugging XAMA SDK Applications

When a developer first experiments with mobile phones and tablets, one of the first questions is how it can be debugged.  With PCs it is fairly easy to start a debugger for a program since the environment is well established

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ClearType and Terminal Services

Did you know that typeface with Terminal Services is usually downgraded from the usual local experience?  Microsoft has the ClearType technology which normally improves the look of text by rounding the edges with different colors giving the characters more rounded

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Mark’s Message from Summit 2008

During Summit 2008, a video was released from Mark Templeton. The video is fairly brief and summarizes the current visions of Citrix. At this time, the concept of XenApp was first introduced. The video seems to be missing the typical

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Introducing XenApp

Citrix has officially announced the name change for what was called “Citrix Presentation Server”. The original NDA announcement came during Citrix Summit and it was quickly written about on the web. I’ve been avoiding the topic like the plague since

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