Help with Citrix XAMA SDK on Forum and Email

Since we just announced XAMP and XAMA just a few days ago, and it also very close to the holidays, it is not expected that many people will get a chance to try these solutions before January.

However, to anticipate potential questions, there is a solution regardless of when the questions are asked.

First of all, there is a Citrix forum dedicated to the XAMA SDK.  There has not yet been much traffic here yet but we have had a few questions.  The forum is the place to go when you have an issue with getting the SDK to work.   So far we have covered some of the issues that happen when you first start and also how to debug.  Thanks go out to Jason Conger for being an early adopter.   Just remember that we are instantly notified of any new request and do our best to answer the question within a day.

Another path is to use our direct email account.  The group that worked on the Mobility Pack has a group email alias.  This address is mobilitysdk (at)  As usual, substitute “(at)” with @.  I wrote it this way in the vain attempt to hide the email address from automated programs.

The email address is direct and instant and is directed to several people in Citrix.    It probably comes down to preference whether you want to use the forum or email.  Either way, you will get the help you need with the XAMA SDK.


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