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More Free Samples

When we shipped the XenApp 6.5 Mobility Application SDK (XAMA SDK for short) last December, it included documentation and samples.  Unfortunately the documentation and samples were not tied together on the web pages and it was not obvious that the

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XAMA SDK Error Codes

During the initial development of XenApp Mobile Pack, certain choices were made for the status/error codes.  This all made sense during that time but certain topics have come up since then which requires attention.  Nothing serious, but rather more of

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XAMA SDK Online Documentation

XAMA SDK documentation is now available online at The documentation was generated from the source code using doxygen.  Because of this, the information is more up to date than typical SDK documents.  Three interfaces are covered.

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Help with Citrix XAMA SDK on Forum and Email

Since we just announced XAMP and XAMA just a few days ago, and it also very close to the holidays, it is not expected that many people will get a chance to try these solutions before January. However, to anticipate

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