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Ego-less Genius

A few years ago, I participated in a seminar about creativity.  Since then there have been several email updates about creativity in the business world.  From the latest email, there was a link to a speech from Elizabeth Gilbert.  You

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Bill Gates – Looking Back, Moving Ahead

  Just today I was looking for some Microsoft videos related to MMS 2008 when I located some video gems about Bill Gates and his history at Microsoft.  The Microsoft web site is providing a collection of videos for use

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Shawn Bass at Geek Speak Live 2008

Earlier this year, Citrix created a new track as part of Citrix Synergy in Houston.  This track, which was called “Geek Speak Live”, was intended to address the more technical aspects of Citrix products.  Not only that, it was intended

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The Next 5000 Days of the Web

Last year Kevin Kelly gave a presentation about the next 5000 days of the web.  His views are based on what happened in the first 5000 days (roughly 13 1/2 years).  The profile for Kevin reveals a very thoughtful man. 

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Irresistible Forces and Movable Objects

Pat Helland from Microsoft gave a presentation last year at TechEd in EMEA called “The Irresistable Forces Meet the Movable Objects“. I received a copy from Kala at work. Not long after reading it I wanted to find out more.

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BitLocker Overview

BitLocker gets mentioned more and more lately.  I understood the concept but didn’t know the details.  While looking for something else, I can across a great video about BitLocker technology from Microsoft.  Also Wikipedia has a BitLocker page. I didn’t

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Good to Great Video Explanation

This is where understanding “Good to Great” should get a whole lot easier.  If you have an hour to spare and are curious but don’t feel like reading the book yet, watch this video.  Charlie Rose, famous on PBS in

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Knowledge Navigator

The recent post about the “Starfire” video led to the discovery of the “Knowledge Navigator” video.  This video by Apple predates the “Starfire” version from Sun by six years.  Considering that it was built twenty years ago, it is very

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Starfire Video

Yet another surprise today.  I found a video produced by a team at Sun in 1994.  It is in a similar format and style to the internally famous “Virtual Workplace” video produced in 2001.  It is called the “Starfire” video

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Bill and Steve Meeting History

D5 video showing when Bill and Steve were together. Steve and Bill have only been seen together around 5 times. 1983 Apple Mac discussion with Dating Game spoof 1991 Fortune magazine interview 1997 MacWorld 2005 D3 2007 D5 The referenced

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