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The Next 5000 Days of the Web

Last year Kevin Kelly gave a presentation about the next 5000 days of the web.  His views are based on what happened in the first 5000 days (roughly 13 1/2 years).  The profile for Kevin reveals a very thoughtful man. 

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Knowledge Navigator

The recent post about the “Starfire” video led to the discovery of the “Knowledge Navigator” video.  This video by Apple predates the “Starfire” version from Sun by six years.  Considering that it was built twenty years ago, it is very

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Starfire Video

Yet another surprise today.  I found a video produced by a team at Sun in 1994.  It is in a similar format and style to the internally famous “Virtual Workplace” video produced in 2001.  It is called the “Starfire” video

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The Pursuit of the Perfect Machine

What is perfect?  Perhaps it is impossible.  Perhaps it depends on who you ask.  Perfection is more of an idea that an achievable reality.  Why is this?  As I have probably said, perfection would equate to the end of the

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