Bill Gates – Looking Back, Moving Ahead


Bill Gates - Looking Back, Moving Ahead

Bill Gates - Looking Back, Moving Ahead

Just today I was looking for some Microsoft videos related to MMS 2008 when I located some video gems about Bill Gates and his history at Microsoft.  The Microsoft web site is providing a collection of videos for use with the press.  The primary video revolves around Bill Gates.  It contains some very interesting new material and includes a number of interviews with very famous Microsoft employees and even some of Bill Gates’ family.  The video collection is of very high quality and shows a great deal of production work went into it.  If you have any interest in Microsoft or Bill Gates, I highly recommend watching them.

To get the full list of videos, go here.

There are a number of stories from the various interviews that you might find interesting.  For example, there is a video clip dedicated to the 1978 picture of the original 11 Microsoft employees in Albuquerque.

In a way, the Bill Gates video is a summation of his work until now.  It was built to acknowledge his accomplishments during his departure in June 2008.  Regardless of how you feel about him, it is clear that he succeeded even though he dropped out of Harvard.

His Dad has a great quote towards the beginning of the video.  He basically says that “we didn’t know that we have something world-class going on in our living room”.  Nothing like a parent to set you straight :).  I’m sure it was a joke but it does indicate how proud his father is.

The main video is fifteen minutes long and is well worth it.  It is more like a documentary you would see on TV than a typical company promotional video.


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