Bill and Steve Meeting History

D5 video showing when Bill and Steve were together.

Steve and Bill have only been seen together around 5 times.

  1. 1983 Apple Mac discussion with Dating Game spoof
  2. 1991 Fortune magazine interview
  3. 1997 MacWorld
  4. 2005 D3
  5. 2007 D5

The referenced video documents what happened during the first four “meetings”. Actually, they were only together on stage for 1983 and 2007. The 1997 MacWorld event used a video link. The Fortune interview appears to have happened at Steve’s house. At D3, they were on stage separately.

The early 1983 video is probably the most interesting since it reveals a co-dependence between Microsoft and Apple at the time. Bill looked so young then.

I missed this the first time around. I would have listed this first since the video was intended as the prologue.

The limited number of meetings indicate competition but probably also different focus points. The 1997 speech by Steve shows the early acceptance of not trying to stir up Microsoft. At that point things would have been a bit sensitive given the darker years of Apple. There is a great writeup about Steve’s return to Apple on Wikipedia. I did not know that Apple had bought NeXT or that it was the basis for OS X. I also did not know that he is only a $1 a year salary. Not to worry, he does have lots of stock options.

The more I learn about Bill Gates and Steve Jobs the more interesting the stories become. These are certainly not boring people that only know technology. Both have a great deal of savvy that has helped them to become the business leaders they are now.

This is mostly just filler. Watch the video! It is almost guaranteed that you will get a kick out of the “Dating Game” sequence where Steve is the one looking for a date. Bill is one of the candidates.

This kind of material is typically so rare and that is probably why I bothered to post about it in the first place.


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One comment on “Bill and Steve Meeting History
  1. David Donald says:

    I saw Steve and Bill together in London in about 1988. All very tense. Steve was demonstrating the Next machine and linking up with Paris, playing music in stereo and searching Shakespeare’s sonnets. Bill followed him saying some nice things about Macintosh and the progress of Winows but being petulant about Next (“we can give you a spray can of black paint and that will give you all the innovation that is in a Next machine”). Interesting contrast in styles

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