Luflogix, Brisbane, and Brian Madden

Did you hear about the new startup called Luflogix?  If not, you should.

Oh, did I mention that it was announced on on April 1st?

The Luflogix team

Brian was in Brisbane to give one of his master classes to a group of twelve people.  This very same group was responsible for the Luflogix April Fool’s joke.  It all started as a class project that has quickly caught several people out.

Having Brian Madden in Australia is a novelty.  Given that he was in Brisbane, it seemed like a good time to go up and meet him.  Rick Mack organized the time and I showed up today at the classroom just after lunch.

Soon after arriving I met with Rick and Brian at the Commander office.  It was great to finally meet Brian after having read and heard so many things about him.

Rick presented how to find out what is wrong with applications.  It was interesting to catch up with this from his point of view.  I would imagine that there are only a handful of people in the world that can track things down like Rick.  His knowledge has come from years of practice with a great deal of ingenuity mixed in.

After this things wrapped up and most of the class left.

It was a great experience to briefly attend this class and hear some of the concerns.  Exposure to the real world is healthy.  I’ve got some things to research based on a few questions I received.

It’s difficult to really sum up the time in Brisbane today.  It was just great to meet everyone and to participate in the last day of the class.

I was impressed with the Luflogix hoax.  It shows a real market need.  The idea got quite a few people excited.  Perhaps someone will really do it.  Someone should call it the “Luflogix” movement.

Finally, Citrix Advanced Products in Sydney will visit with Brian on Monday.  This will be the first time that Citrix employees in Sydney have met Brian.

It is fact that Brian Madden has legendary status in our industry.


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